A printing process that uses extreme heat and pressure to bond designs into fabric.

Tips from our experts

  • Not all 100% polyester is sublimation friendly. Blends can be used but the ink will only adhere to the polyester and the colors of the image will appear faded.
  • Imperfections in the print around the arm and seams are common and widely accepted on stock goods when doing wide-format sublimation.
  • Most any color can be sublimated as long as the ink is darker than the fabric color but it may not produce the crisp results you require.
  • There is no white ink for sublimation. White cannot be printed on a colored garment.
  • White is the best color for sublimation. In general, light colors work best.
  • In addition to apparel, the following items can also be sublimated in full color:
     Ceramic Tiles – Mousepads – Mugs – Hats – Socks and more!